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Flights to Kisumu 2024

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Cheap flight deals to Kisumu

Newcastle Kisumu
Fri, Nov 1 Sat, Nov 30
from 904.38 GBP
Newcastle Kisumu
Fri, Nov 1 Sat, Nov 30
from 1088.53 GBP
Newcastle Kisumu
Fri, Nov 1 Sat, Nov 30
from 1247.90 GBP
Manchester Kisumu
Sun, Sep 22 Mon, Oct 21
from 1263.22 GBP
Manchester Kisumu
Mon, Sep 23 Mon, Oct 21
from 1282.92 GBP
Newcastle Kisumu
Fri, Nov 1 Sat, Nov 30
from 1582.52 GBP

Compare Flights to Kisumu

If you want to compare flights to Kisumu, Budget Travel UK would be your most suitable Meta flight search engine. We gather and compare all available flight alternatives that fit your requirements for travel dates and cabin class, and we display the results in the cheapest flight at first order. In minutes, you can quickly compare and choose your chosen flight. When comparing flights, keep in mind that each airline has distinct characteristics that must be evaluated in addition to flight ticket rates. These characteristics include baggage, in-flight amenities, and so on. To book the flight with confidence, you must first speak with one of our skilled and experienced travel consultants at 020 7183 9390.

Best Flight Deals to Kisumu

Are you looking for the best flight deals to Kimusu? Here we are. Budget Travel UK provides fantastic flight deals that you simply desire. With budget Travel UK you can find all offers provided by various airlines. With more airlines, cheaper flights, fewer stopovers, and more departure and arrival dates, visitors to Kisumu can consult our travel experts before booking their trip. Budget Travel UK frequently posts some special deals for its customers. Keep visiting our social media pages if you want to grab such amazing flight deals to Kimusu.

Best Fare Finder to Kisumu

Budget Travel UK is amongst the best fare finders to Kisumu. We have access to all affordable flights so that you can travel within your budget. You simply enter your travel details, and you can find all the available flights to Kisumu in just one click. The results will be shown on the basis of flight fares. The cheapest flight will be at the top of the list so you can find your desired flight at first glance.

Student Flights at a Discount to Kisumu

Budget Travel UK is constantly on the lookout for cheap student flights to Kisumu. Students are our first priority, and our team is constantly focused on assisting students so that they may visit their hometowns or enjoy travels on a tight budget. We understand that students have a lot to do in their college years. Sometimes, they are supposed to travel for discovery and experimentation, so they should take advantage of the opportunity to travel whenever their schedule permits and learn about the globe!

Cheap Airlines to Kisumu

Kenya Airways' first leg of the journey from the UK to Kisumu is a flight from London Heathrow Airport to Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Flight number KQ 101 departs London at six o'clock in the afternoon and arrives in Nairobi at four o'clock in the morning. The overall flight time of the London to Nairobi route is eight hours. Three flights each week from Nairobi to Kisumu depart at different times. For example, KQ 654 completes the route between these two cities in just 50 minutes and is scheduled every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at nine in the morning. Other scheduled flights include KQ 650 and KQ 670, which operate on a regular basis and take visitors to Kisumu from Nairobi. Here are some other flights details are given for you:

  • The flight from London Heathrow Airport to Kisumu takes 12 to 33 hours to reach its destination. These flights include a layover in Paris, Amsterdam, or Nairobi.
  • The cheapest flights to Kisumu from Manchester are supplied by KLM, which come with a duration of 29 hours and have two layovers.
  • Kenya Airways, on the other hand, offers a substantially shorter flight (14 hours) with only one stoppage.
  • KLM flights to Kisumu typically come with extensive pauses, and the total travelling time exceeds forty hours.
  • With a Kenya Airways ticket to Kisumu, you may arrive in 16 hours from Birmingham Airport.
  • Travelling from London Gatwick Airport to Kisumu is lengthier and comes with prolonged stopovers. The flight is 28 hours long in total, including two layovers.

Cheap One Way or Return Flights to Kisumu

Whether you want cheap one-way flights or return flights to Kisumu, Budget Travel UK fulfils all your needs. You can get the most affordable one-way and round-trip tickets right here. We offer some incredible round-trip discounts. As a consequence, whether you are a frequent business traveller or simply want to get out of town for a few days, you may be able to fly for less. Don't forget that we have some excellent bargains for you. As a result, book a low-cost flight to Kisumu as soon as possible.

Last-Minute Flights to Kisumu

Last-minute flights to Kisumu are something that makes you worried? Don't be, as Budget Travel UK is always there to find you the best last-minute flight deals to Kisumu. Our experienced and knowledgeable travel agents book some flight tickets in advance for those customers who fail to book their flights in advance. Moreover, there are some last-minute flight cancellations that create an opportunity for customers wanting to book last-minute flights to Kisumu. This could have some risk of uncertainty. If you cannot bear the consequences of such risk, we recommend you buy your flight ticket far ahead of your travel dates.

Kisumu FAQs

  • Are there any direct flights from the UK to Kisumu?
    • No airline operates direct flights to Kisumu from the UK. Tourists visiting Kisumu frequently take a shorter Kenya Airways trip with only one stopover in Nairobi.
  • What are some of the most popular attractions in Kisumu?
    • Kisumu has various things to offer: Kisumu Museum (1km from downtown) The Kisumu Museum (1km from downtown). The term "electronic commerce" refers to the sale of goods and services through the internet.
  • When is the best time to visit Kisumu?
    • Understanding Kisumu's peak and off-season travel seasons will help you plan your trip properly. If you are not able to go to Kisumu in September, then May is your next best alternative.
  • Which airlines operate flights to Kisumu from the UK?
    • KLM, Air France, Kenya Airways, and Qatar Airways are among the carriers that operate flights to Kisumu for the UK.
  • What five-star hotels and lodging options are available in Kisumu?
    • Acacia Premier Hotel, Imperial Hotel, Vittoria Suites, Sovereign Hotel, and Jumuia Hotel Kisumu are some of the hotels in Kisumu.
  • How long should I arrive at the airport before my journey to Kisumu?
    • If you want to make your trip to Kisumu on time, arrive at the airport at least two to three hours in advance. Check-in, security checks, customs, and boarding the airline can all take time.
  • What is the name of the airport in Kisumu?
    • Kisumu has one airport. Kisumu International Airport provides flights to both internal and international destinations from four places, the most popular of which are Nairobi, Humberside, and London. It is two miles from the city centre.
  • How long ahead of time should I book my ticket to Kisumu?
    • We recommend booking flights from the United Kingdom to Kisumu at least 60 days in advance since this is when travellers typically find the cheapest airline deals.
  • Is there another airport close to Kisumu?
    • It is feasible to choose a different and potentially cheaper destination airport near Kisumu. Consider booking flights to Eldoret Airport, Kitale Airport, Maasai Mara Angama Airport or Maasai Mara North Airport if you are flying to Kisumu.

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