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Flights to Kigali 2024

Are you searching for cheap flights to Kigali- the capital city of Rwanda? Budget Travel UK is here to assist you in finding the most affordable flights to Kigali within a few clicks. We have an experienced team of travel agents to facilitate you with the best flight booking services.

When searching for the best route for cheap flights to Kigali, Kigali Intl Airport is considered the most common airport for flights from London to Kigali. Most passengers travelling into Kigali International Airport from London arrive from London Heathrow. You may be seeking an airport near London Heathrow Airport from which to depart for Kigali; fortunately, there are many possibilities! You might try London Gatwick Airport, London City Airport, or London Stansted Airport, all of which are situated in London. When flying from London, you may be seeking an airport near Kigali International Airport to land at, and Cyangugu Kamembe Airport, located in Cyangugu, is a fantastic alternative. During the month of March, the cheapest flight from London to Kigali will usually be LHR — KGL.

Cheap flight deals to Kigali

London Kigali
Thu, Feb 29 Mon, Mar 11
from 495.88 GBP
London Kigali
Mon, Apr 1 Tue, Apr 30
from 520.07 GBP
London Kigali
Thu, Feb 29 Mon, Mar 11
from 666.91 GBP
Birmingham Kigali
Fri, Mar 22 Sat, Apr 6
from 736.14 GBP
Heathrow Kigali
Thu, Aug 15 Wed, Aug 28
from 750.41 GBP
London Kigali
Thu, Feb 29 Mon, Mar 11
from 788.88 GBP
London Kigali
Thu, Feb 29 Mon, Mar 11
from 849.98 GBP
London Kigali
Fri, Apr 12 Sun, Apr 28
from 875.51 GBP
London Kigali
Thu, Feb 29 Mon, Mar 11
from 887.47 GBP

Compare Flights to Kigali

Do you want to compare flights to Kigali? We simply require a little information to provide you with a wide range of options. Simply let us know when you are planning your family vacation, long weekend, luxury break, or quick business trip, and we will take care of the rest. And, to make it easier for you to choose, we have included many options for narrowing your search. Using the filters, pick one-way or roundtrip, as well as your desired arrival and departure time and flying class.

We will show you what's available after you have told us what you want. All you have to do is choose and begin packing.

Best Flight Deals to Kigali

Budget Travel UK is the most reliable Meta flight search engine in the UK to get the best flight deals to Kigali. We process data from hundreds of renowned and low-cost airlines and generate a dependable list of all available flight deals to Kigali. Our travel experts diligently collaborate with all the airlines to get exciting deals for our clients. Please visit our website or simply get in touch with one of our travel experts via call at 020 7183 9390 or get updated via email at sales[at]

Best Fare Finder to Kigali

Budget Travel UK's website is designed in order to provide its customers with the best fare-finder services to Kigali. Our powerful search tools and extensive filters assist you in finding a flight that falls within your budget. Simply input your trip dates and sort your results by price to get affordable flights. Because all available tickets are shown with the lowest price first, it is simple to choose the one that's easiest on your pocketbook.

We want your flight booking from London to Kigali to be as straightforward as possible. That's why we built our search and filter features to make your life easier. Budget Travel UK has you covered whether you are travelling for business or leisure.

Cheap Airlines to Kigali

RwandAir, Brussels Airline, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and British Airways are cheap airlines that provide flights from the United Kingdom to Kigali. Every airline has its own unique features. If you want to fly directly from the United Kingdom to Kigali, RwandAir would be the only airline chosen. All the other airlines operate connecting flights to Kigali from the United Kingdom.

Depending on the carrier, the trip from London Heathrow to Kigali Airport might take anywhere from 15 to 22 hours. The flight would have a layover in Brussels, Nairobi, or Istanbul. The flight from Manchester to Kigali takes between 15 and 22 hours. This flight includes a layover in either Brussels or Nairobi. Flights from Birmingham to Kigali range in length from 15 to 23 hours. The layover would take place in Nairobi, Brussels, or Istanbul. Fortunately, a RwandAir direct trip from London Gatwick may bring you to Kigali in about 11 hours, but alternative routes with a layover can still take 15 to 24 hours.

Discount Flights to Kigali

If you want to get a discount flight to Kigali, you must be flexible with your travel dates. We regularly post discount flight deals to Kigali, so keep on visiting our website or contact our travel expert to get updated about upcoming flight discount deals to Kigali. You may also go outside of high season to obtain discount flights from the United Kingdom to Kigali. The more flexible you can be with your travelling dates, the easier it will be to discover those low-cost flights. For example, we know that the cheapest month to fly from London to Kigali is March.

Direct Flights to Kigali

Airlines fly back and forth between London and Kigali every day. And you may purchase tickets for any of those flights using Budget Travel UK. If you book a direct flight, you will arrive at your destination safely in around hours. RwandAir operates direct flights to Kigali from the United Kingdom.

Cheap Return Flights to Kigali

Budget Travel UK offers its customers the facility to book cheap return flights to Kigali. Our robust database enables us to provide optimum options to travellers with more airlines, affordable flights, more departure and arrival dates and fewer stopovers. All travellers should visit our website before booking a flight to Kigali, as we provide well organise and authentic data to our customers.

Flight destinations near Kigali

Kigali FAQs

  • When is the most affordable time to travel to Kigali?
    • The cheapest month to travel to Kigali right now is March, with July being the most costly. Prices will vary depending on a variety of factors, including advance booking, airline and departure airports, and departure times.
  • Where can I find out more information about modifying or cancelling my flight to Kigali?
    • Contact our Travel Experts for additional information on modifying or cancelling your flight to Kigali.
  • How can I discover low-cost flights to Kigali with flexible change policies?
    • Many airlines allow you to postpone your flight without incurring a change charge. You just have to pay the difference between the original flight and the replacement flight you choose. Contact our travel agents for further details.
  • Which airport is the best for flying into Kigali?
    • With only one main airport in Kigali, you would not have to wait long to get the best flight. You will be flying to Kigali International Airport (KGL), which is about 2 miles from the city centre.
  • When should you schedule a flight to Kigali?
    • To get the best deal on a ticket to Kigali, book at least 45 days in advance of your preferred trip date. The price may rise if you wait until the last minute to purchase your ticket.
  • What is the cheapest airline that travels from the United Kingdom to Kigali?
    • The most popular airlines flying from the United Kingdom to Kigali are Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, Egypt Air, and KLM.
  • How far is it to Kigali International Airport from London via plane?
    • The distance between London and Kigali Intl Airport is approximately 4092.1 miles. The average flight duration for this route is 10 hours and 30 minutes.
  • What are the benefits of using Budget Travel UK to locate a flight from London to Kigali?
    • Finding the best flight to Kigali from London is simple when you have a variety of alternatives from well-known airlines at your disposal. We accomplish just that. We make it simple to locate flights to Kigali, saving you both time and money.
  • Which airlines provide flights from the United Kingdom to Kigali?
    • RwandAir, Brussels Airline, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and British Airways are the airlines that provide flights from the United Kingdom to Kigali.
  • Are there any direct flights from the UK to Kigali?
    • Yes, RwandAir operates a direct route from London Gatwick Airport to Kigali on Tuesdays. The direct flight takes only 11 hours and 10 minutes.
  • What are the admission criteria for British visitors visiting Kigali?
    • To visit Kigali, a British citizen must apply for a visa. The thirty-day tourist visa may be purchased in either US dollars or Rwandan Francs. The visa is available at the Rwandan embassy in London, at the airport or at Rwanda's land borders.

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