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Flights to Lusaka 2024

Want a cheap flight to Lusaka from the United Kingdom? By looking out for the lowest airlines going to Lusaka, you may get inexpensive airline tickets on We establish direct connections with several full-service and budget airlines to provide you access to the most incredible deals on airfare and make it simple for you to compare reservations across all carriers serving the Lusaka route.

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Cheap flight deals to Lusaka

London Lusaka
Sat, May 25 Sat, Jun 8
from 630.91 GBP
Manchester Lusaka
Mon, Apr 15 Mon, Apr 29
from 657.78 GBP
London Lusaka
Sat, Mar 16 Fri, Apr 5
from 801.41 GBP
London Lusaka
Sat, Mar 16 Fri, Apr 5
from 809.57 GBP
London Lusaka
Sat, Mar 16 Fri, Apr 5
from 815.86 GBP
London Lusaka
Sat, Mar 16 Fri, Apr 5
from 835.97 GBP
London Lusaka
Sat, Mar 16 Fri, Apr 5
from 958.58 GBP
Stansted Lusaka
Mon, Mar 25 Tue, Apr 9
from 1094.59 GBP
London Lusaka
Sat, Mar 16 Fri, Apr 5
from 1111.01 GBP

Compare Flights to Lusaka

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Best Flight Deals to Lusaka

Find the best flight deals to Lusaka at Budget Travel UK. The travel experts at Budget Travel UK will assist you in selecting and making reservations for the flights that are most practical for your plan, have synchronised timetables, and have easy connections. Cheap flights to Lusaka may be easily booked at any time of year thanks to our broad range of private, carefully negotiated contracts with the airlines.

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Best Fare Finder to Lusaka

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Cheap Last-MinuteFlight to Lusaka

Booking a cheap last-minute flight to Lusaka was not simple as today. Budget Travel UK has the finest last-minute flights to Lusaka.At BudgetTravelUK, we think that finding last-minute tickets should be as simple as buying a journey months in advance. You should be able to book your last-minute ticket in minutes rather than hours, whether it is a one-way, return, or multi-stop journey. We provide last-minute flight bargains for all types of flying classes, including Economy, business class, first class and premium economy class. We offerflight services to all routes to Lusaka from the United Kingdom at all times.

Discount Flights to Lusaka

Budget Travel UKregularly offers discountedflights to Lusaka. Get more information about all of our highlighted low-cost flights to Lusaka by contacting our agents at 020 7183 9390, and book your flight right now to take advantage of these exclusive savings!

Flight destinations near Lusaka

Lusaka FAQs

  • How can I get cheap last-minute flights to Lusaka?
    • The most fantasticlast-minute flight offers to Lusaka are yours when you use our exclusive discounts. Make many searches, be flexible on departure and/or arrival dates, and prepare for your low-cost last-minute travel!
  • How can I find low-cost flights to Lusaka?
    • The best method to geta cheap flight to Lusaka is through a travel agency since they are the most up-to-date on the newest bargains and discounts. If you want to book economical and cheap flights to Lusaka, visit Budget Travel UK.
  • What exactly is a last-minute flight?
    • A last-minute flight is one that is booked on the spur of the moment, generally just before departure. A flight is deemed last minute if it is booked between 0 and 30 days before departure.
  • Is a visa required to enter Lusaka?
    • If you are a legitimate British passport bearer, you will almost certainly require a visa to visit Lusaka. You should obtain your visa from the Zambian High Commission before travelling; you may also obtain single and multiple entry visas on arrival.
  • What is the duration of the flight to Lusakafrom the United Kingdom?
    • Depending on several conditions, the typical flight duration from the UK to Lusaka is roughly 12 hours. If you are not travelling from a large airport in the UK or do not take a direct flight to Lusaka, this time might be significantly extended.
  • Which airlines provide flights from the UK to Lusaka?
      • Emirates
      • RwandAir
      • South African Airways
      • Turkish Airlines
      • Ethiopian Airlines
      • Kenya Airways
  • On flights to Lusaka, which airline provides flexible booking policies?
    • When it comes to arranging flights to Lusaka, Emirates is accommodating.A flexible 11-month window of travel dates is offered by Emirates tickets in the same booking class. Please ask our advisers for recent guidance if you would need further details.
  • Which airlines fly nonstop into Lusaka?
    • No airline currently offers direct flights from the United Kingdom to Lusaka. Leading airlines with indirect flights from the UK to Lusaka include South African Airways, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and Kenya Airways.
  • When is the most affordable time to book a flight to Lusaka?
    • In order to increase sales during the off-peak season, there is a significant probability that airlines may offer a discount. The off-season, or October in this case, may provide the lowest airfares to Lusaka.
  • Which airline has the most affordable airfare from the UK to Lusaka?
    • Kenya Airways is the least expensive airline for travel from the UK to Lusaka. The airline stops in Nairobi for a brief period of time. For flights to Lusaka, South African Airways and Ethiopian Airlines are equally priced.
  • Can I purchase a flight to Lusaka in instalments?
    • You may pay for your flights to Lusaka with BudgetTravelUK in instalments. Find affordable Lusaka flight options, select one that meets your needs, then call us to book your journey with a little deposit and pay the rest in affordable monthly instalments.
  • Which international airport in Lusaka is the primary one?
    • The international airport providing flights to and from Lusaka is the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. It is located 26 km away from the heart of Lusaka. It takes 20 min to drive from the airport to the city, so most people use cab services to get there.
  • How far in advance should I make travel plans from the United Kingdom to Lusaka?
    • The ideal time to purchase a flight from the United Kingdom to Lusaka is 23 days away when costs typically average £708 or less.
  • Is there another airport close to Lusaka?
    • Depending on the month and the departing airport, passengers travelling to Lusaka may find lower prices at Mafuta Royal Airstrip Airport (71 miles from the city centre) or Mafuta Lower Zambezi Nat.Park Jeki Airport (89 miles from the city centre).

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