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Flights to Zambia 2024

Do you desire a cheap flight to Zambia from the United Kingdom? Consider the flight deals to Zambia that we have particularly picked for you. Our website allows you to search swiftly and conveniently for low-cost flights to places all over the world.

Every major airport in the United Kingdom offers cheap daily flights to Zambia. Today is a wonderful time to book with Budget Travel UK as we offer amazing savings on flights from the UK to Zambia. You will book a ticket with us and enjoy a stress-free journey to Zambia from anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Cheap flight deals to Zambia

Gatwick Lusaka
Wed, Nov 13 Sat, Nov 30
from 684.19 GBP
London Lusaka
Fri, Jul 5 Fri, Jul 19
from 850.26 GBP
Heathrow Ndola
Sun, Jun 30 Tue, Aug 13
from 907.71 GBP
Heathrow Ndola
Sun, Jun 30 Tue, Aug 13
from 1022.34 GBP
Manchester Livingstone
Wed, Jul 10 Sat, Aug 10
from 1244.88 GBP
Manchester Livingstone
Wed, Jul 10 Sat, Aug 10
from 1360.08 GBP

Compare Flights to Zambia

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Best Flight Deals to Zambia

Are you searching for the best flight deals to Zambia? You can book flights at the lowest prices and with the greatest customer service at Budget Travel UK! Enter your chosen location, the date of departure and arrival, and the number of passengers, and then sit back and relax while we do the rest of the work to get you the best deals. We will provide a thorough list of options for flights to Zambia, customised for your unique requirements and preferences.

Cheap Business Class Flight to Zambia

No matter if you're travelling to Zambia for business or pleasure, alone, with friends, or with the entire family, Budget Travel UK always has low prices on flights. We provide flights to Zambia from all reputable airlines, including low-cost carriers.

Cheap Airlines to Zambia

There are several big airlines that provide affordable flights to Zambia. British Airways and South African Airways are the most popular. Kenya Airways, KLM, Air France, and Etihad are more options to explore. When looking for flights to Zambia, the airlines offered may vary depending on where you want to go. After you have narrowed it down to a particular place, you can compare airlines to discover which one provides the greatest value for money on flight tickets. British Airways is a good airline that also gives complimentary food and drinks aboard its flights to Zambia, albeit your travel tickets will be slightly more expensive. Etihad is another excellent premium airline to consider. Finally, it will come down to your budget and personal choice. If you are a member of any of the airlines, it makes sense to purchase your flight tickets with them in order to continue accruing air mile points.

All major airports in the United Kingdom, including Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham, and Glasgow, as well as London Gatwick, London Stansted, and London Luton provide flights to Zambia. All reputable carriers, including British Airways, Virgin, Flybe, Easyjet, and Ryanair, are among those whose flights we provide.

Zambia FAQs

  • What is the most affordable airline that flies to Zambia from the United Kingdom?
    • Air France, Ethiopian Air, and Egypt Air are the most popular airlines flying from the United Kingdom to Zambia.
  • What is the cheapest flight from the United Kingdom to Zambia?
    • Fly from London Heathrow to Lusaka for the most affordable flights from the United Kingdom to Zambia.
  • Why should I use Budget Travel UK to book a cheap ticket from the United Kingdom to Zambia?
    • Budget Travel UK aggregates a variety of flights from a vast pool of various airlines to locate the trip that best meets your preferences; you can then use our insights and filters to discover and book the ideal flight to Zambia from the United Kingdom.
  • What time should I get there at the airport to catch a flight to Lusaka?
    • If you want to make your trip to Lusaka on schedule, arrive at the airport at least two to three hours in advance. Check-in, security checks, customs, and boarding the airline can all take time.
  • When is the best time to book flights to Zambia?
    • If you're seeking the cheapest tickets to Zambia, the yearly trend shows that May and June are the best months to book. Otherwise, book flights in advance during peak travel seasons to secure affordable tickets to Zambia.
  • How long is the flight from the UK to Zambia?
    • Here are some flight timings mentioned below:
      • Flight time from London to Zambia is 14 hours and 30 minutes.
      • Sixteen hours and 20 minutes from Manchester to Zambia.
      • Flight time between Birmingham and Zambia: 15 hours 55 minutes.
      • London Gatwick to Zambia Flight time is 15 hours and 55 minutes.
  • Is there a direct flight from London to Zambia?
    • There are currently no direct flights to Zambia. All flights leaving major UK airports are connecting flights.
  • Which airlines fly to Zambia?
    • Emirates, South African Airways, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Ethiopian Airlines are among the prominent operators of one-stop flights from the United Kingdom to Zambia.
  • Is it possible to fly from the United Kingdom to Zambia with KLM?
    • Yes, KLM has flights to Zambia that link to Kenya Airways through Nairobi. You may choose between one and two-stop Zambia flights. You have plenty of flights accessible every day due to the frequent itineraries.
  • Which airlines provide low-cost business-class flights to Zambia?
    • Emirates offers the most affordable Business Class flights to Zambia via Dubai, serving the largest group of business travellers. The reputed airline operates daily flights from all major airports in the United Kingdom.
  • Can BudgetTravelUK assist me in finding last-minute flights to Zambia?
    • That, and a lot more! Our last-minute flight discounts to Zambia are not available anywhere else. It will sound much better when you phone us at 020 7183 9390 and take advantage of our incredible deals.
  • How can I use Budget Travel UK to discover inexpensive flights to Zambia?
    • Budget Travel UK frequently posts extremely low-cost flights to Tunis. For further information, please visit our website or call our travel specialists at 020 7183 9390.
  • Is a visa required for travel to Zambia?
    • To enter Zambia, British citizens will require a visa. These may be obtained by contacting the Zambian High Commission in London. Although a single or multiple entry visa can be obtained on arrival, we recommend applying ahead of time.
  • Where should I travel to in Zambia for a safari?
    • There are several safari options in Zambia if you wish to go on a safari. Lower Zambezi National Park is one suggested destination. If you fly into Lusaka Airport, you can drive the rest of the way to this reserve in around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

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